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At Bijoux Saint-Laurent, we are very proud of three generations of specialist craftsmen serving the Montreal community with bespoke pieces and designer brand collections.

We have a wide choice of engagement and wedding rings, anniversary rings, celebratory rings and more. We are the exclusive local distributor of major brands such as CrownRing – ‘Fit for a King and Queen’, Noam Carver, Carlex and Torque. They alone constitute a catalogue of over 1,400 designs, most of which are available with all possible combinations of three golds: yellow, white and pink.

Necklaces and earrings are also part of the Bijoux St Laurent’s magnificent collection, worn daily or for any special occasion. We have a range of stunning pearl pieces, classic, elegant and always sophisticated – one of the most popular and timeless of gifts.

CrownRing is a name synonymously known throughout North America for its unique jewelry designs and expert craftsmanship. The CrownRing brand currently boasts five collections, each unique in design and style, ensuring that we offer rings for all tastes: Whether you are searching for the perfect engagement ring, matching wedding band sets, men’s or women’s wedding bands or alternative metal accessories —we have the perfect selection with hundreds of styles, making your “happily ever after” start with an unforgettable moment.

Noam Carver is a sculptor, designer and goldsmith whose jewelry unites classic and contemporary motifs from around the world. From concept through fabrication, each piece is meticulously hand-crafted with precious metals and rare, one-of-a-kind gemstones. Instinct and risk are the guiding principles in the design – Instinct is the impetus to creation. Risk cultivates new possibilities. Noam’s designs have garnered numerous awards including MJSA, Canadian Jeweler, National Jeweler, National Jeweler “Best Of”, and the Centurion Designer Award.

The Carlex collection is luxury redefined, drawing inspiration from the world of high end watches to create stunningly unique pieces. Carlex rings are designed with an eye towards innovation and an absolute attention to detail, resulting in perfect edges and a revolutionary comfort fit.

The word Torque means force; this is the perfect descriptor for our bold and powerful innovative metal collection. These are rings for those who don’t want to worry about a delicate accessory; they need a ring that will keep up with them, no matter what they do in the day.