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Customized Jewelry

We offer a custom design service for all types of rings and necklaces. Our experts work with you in a  simple 4-step process:

STEP 1: Present your idea

Visit our experts in the shop, or send us an image of the design that interests you, accompanied by a brief description of the jewel we can create for you. You can start from a blank canvas or develop an existing idea. Tell us your budget so that we can recommend suitable materials. You can even, turn an overpriced idea into an affordable jewel created from alternative materials and precious or semi-precious stones.

STEP 2: Designing your jewelry with state of the art technology

The design idea is developed into a computer-generated 3D mode, then followed up with a detailed picture of the idea with very realistic rendering.

STEP 3: Presentation of your jewelry and final approval

With these images, you will have a good idea of ​​the final look of your custom jewel. At this stage, it is possible to request changes.

STEP 4: Molding and packing

The final step is to mold and make your unique jewel. Our CAD / CAM fabrication technology will mold your workpiece with remarkable precision that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.