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Jewelry cleaning

Wearing your jewelry every day requires a minimum of maintenance. We recommend that you clean your jewelry on a weekly basis, but we suggest that you have your jewelry thoroughly cleaned once a year. This will give them the care and all the shine they deserve!

Polishing / Rhodium

Your active lifestyle added to normal wear and tear ensures that the metal of your jewelry will require polishing, which will restore its original finish. We suggest you polish your jewelry about once a year.This polishing accompanied by a rhodium bath (for white gold jewelry), serves to give your jewel all its brilliance. See the difference ‘before’ and ‘after!’


Sometimes your jewelry requires small adjustments or small repairs: a stone that moves, a claw that hangs, a large scratch, etc. We suggest you stop wearing it and come to our jewelry store where the jeweler will check and will offer you the best solution at the lowest cost.

Jewelry remodeling

Do you have a jewel that you no longer wear or that you do not like anymore? Your tastes have changed or you want to put an old jewel to the taste of the day? Our expert craftsmen are there to help you turn your jewel into something extraordinary!

Bespoke creations

We offer a custom design service for all types of rings and necklaces. We can work with you to build a piece of jewelry especially for you according to your tastes and inspirations.

Ring-size setting

Over the years, your fingers may change from weight gain or loss, arthritis, etc.

A simple upgrade will allow you to continue wearing your ring with the same pleasure!

Custom engraving

Would you like to customize a piece of jewelry or a watch? Whether engraving in a ring or at the back of a watch, you have the opportunity to engrave a special message of your choice.

Creating something new out of old gold and stones

Do you have old jewels that you no longer wear and are accumulating in your jewelry box? Or have you got jewels that you do not like and want to get rid of them? Our experts are here to help you evaluate their value and advise how they can be transformed into something that you love.